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Aktuell Dec 2019

A fantastic mix – Brighton

Sprachreise nach England

Under an hour from London, Brighton is located on England’s south coast, between the South Downs and the English Channel. The city divides itself into two parts; Brighton and Hove, hence why the official name of the city is Brighton and Hove. A fantastic mix of heritage, arts, music and fabulous shopping opportunities distinguishes the coastal city from the others. Given the fact that the city is so rich of musicians, artists, creators and writers it creates a buzz of creativity that constantly keeps the city moving.

During our afternoon free time we were given the opportunity to pay visit to the Royal Pavilion just a stroll away from the city centre. The Pavilion, which was originally built as a pleasure palace for royals, was used as a hospital during the First World War and nowadays attracts about 400,000 tourists per year. In addition to the fascinating architecture of the building the Pavilion also offers lovely small gardens which publicly accessible.

When visiting the south coast of the United Kingdom, there is a very unique spot located right at very bottom of the island which is absolutely worth seeing. The Seven Sisters Cliffs, a row of seven different chalk cliffs which create a stunning silhouette of the cliffs.

Throughout the course of our language travels we fortunately had the pleasure of spending a day in the capital city of the United Kingdom; London. For first time visitors London can be very exciting and definitely does not fail to impress. A city so diverse and cultured is nowhere to be found anywhere else in Europe. Although the weather can often be against your liking, visiting London is always impressive and never disappoints.


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