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Our new teaching assistant James Butler

Welcome to VBS Hamerlingplatz!

Our new English assistant for the school year 2018-19, James Butler, is a 22-year-old University of Richmond graduate. He is originally from northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. It is a place famous for its astounding bagels and pizza. James went to Regis High School in Manhattan, a Jesuit all-boys preparatory school. Regis High School is the only private high school in the United States, where every student receives a full scholarship, worth around €20,000 a year. At Regis, he came into contact with the German language for the first time and studied it for three and a half years. During his last semester at Regis High School, James opted to volunteer fulltime at an elementary school in Harlem instead of finishing some of his courses for college credit. After high school, James continued his studies at the University of Richmond. There he majored in Economics and German Studies. He not only graduated in the top 10% of the business school, but he was also a founding member of the German Honour society at his university. Besides from being a brilliant student, Mr. Butler led a volunteer group, called The SEEDS Project (Students Engaging in and Enacting a Dialogue on Service), to Detroit, where the students engaged with community leaders and volunteered during their spring break (instead of vacationing somewhere warm for their spring break). While in college, James worked in Berlin for a summer as a paralegal at a law firm. That same year, he studied at the Universität Mannheim for a semester.

Since high school, he has been trying to perfect his German skills and hopes to become nearly fluent by the end of his stay in Austria. He applied for the affiliate program here in Austria and was accepted, and offered a position as our teaching assistant for this academic year. The Fulbright program is a governmental award/organisation, whose objective is to bring young and bright American students into different countries to act as cultural ambassadors.

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