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Events Nov 2021

Interviewing Ruby Lindgren

Hello Ruby, thank you for making some space in your schedule to answer some of our questions. First of all, do you think you adapted well to the Austrian way of life?

It is a learning curve for me. It takes some time because Austrians are quite different from Americans. But in the month I have been here, I would say I adapted pretty well.

What are the major differences between Austria and the USA?

First of all, the people don’t greet the same. In the USA you ask how they are etc., in Austria you only nod or say hello. I think that they are pretty welcoming, until now, everybody was quite nice, I couldn’t complain. The traditions as well as customs are quite different, but I guess that is natural with other countries.

When was the first time that you thought you understood Austrian, or did you even reach that point in the month you’ve been here?

With the dialects and people talking so fast, it’s hard to understand what they are saying. So I wouldn’t say that I really understand Austrians speaking.

How did you adapt to the Austrian way of life?

I like it more than in the US. The work-life balance is much better. It is hard work but if you are at home, you’ll probably won’t get called from your boss about work.

What is your favorite Austrian food and why?

I really like the Sachertorte. I like it because it just tastes soooo good.

What was the first foreign country you visited?

At the age of 6, I went to Denmark. My family is quite wanderlustig.

Outside of Vienna, which parts of Austria did you like the most?

Well, I haven’t been to many cities, so probably Salzburg and the Salzkammergut are my favorite, I just really like it there.

Have you traveled much in the US?

My family as already said is pretty wanderlustig. We traveled across the USA. West Coast trips, cross-country trips and much more.

Which national parks did you visit in the USA?

Yellowstone and Yosemite. In Austria I don’t think that I have visited one.

Are you currently learning German? How far are you?

I have been learning German since I was little because my mother worked for a while in Berlin. I also took German in high school. I can speak pretty well, the only problem is my grammar, but I hope that I can change that in the time that I am in Austria.

Did you learn much about other countries in school?

My school really tried to teach us about the world, so we had some lessons about the countries in South America, Africa, etc. But of course the majority of my education focused primarily on Europe and the U.S.

What do you think about Austrian politics?

I don’t really follow what happened, so I don’t really know what is currently going on. It was very cool to be here when Kurz resigned though!

Do you like our healthcare system?

Yes, I really like it. I’ve gotten my E-Card recently and I really enjoy having such a system.

What do you think about the US health care system?

I was very lucky because my mother as a university professor has pretty good insurance that I can use until I’m 26. In general though, our system is a mess and it doesn’t work for most people.

Does your family buy organic or eco-friendly food?

We try not to eat meat very often. We also often or most of the time buy organic food that is locally sourced.

What is your go-to supermarket in the USA and Austria?

I’m really overwhelmed with American supermarkets such as Target etc. so I like it in Austria better. Austrian supermarkets are much more compact.

What do you think about the countryside in Austria?

I really like it, it is gorgeous. The transportation to the countryside is also very good so it is easily accessible.

Do you like our public transport?

I really like it, I have a Wiener Linien Jahreskarte and I use the public transport every day.

What do you miss the most, that you can only do in the USA?

I really miss our family dog Milo as well as my family. I haven’t been long enough in Austria to miss more.

Do you like the city or countryside/suburbs more?

I really like the cities to meet like-minded people and the countryside because it is very beautiful.

What parts about the US do you like, and which do you hate?

I really love the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest like California and Washington State. I don’t really like the South & North Carolina as well as Texas because they aren’t very open-minded.


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