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Events Dec 2017

Language trip to Edinburgh

This October the students of the 3IK and 3EAK spent two weeks in Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland. We loved the time spent there as we were able to improve our English language skills. In addition, we learned a lot about Scottish culture, explored the city center with its many sights and found new friends.

Apart from getting to know the “Scottish Way of Life” with the help of our host families, we also got to know more about Edinburgh and its ancient history by doing fun activities in the afternoons. We particularly liked Mary King’s Close, Arthur’s Seat, the National Museum, the National Gallery and – last but not least – the Camera Obscura. We also visited Edinburgh’s most famous castle -called Edinburgh Castle- and its two most famous streets: the Royal Mile and Princes Street. One day we even made a field trip to St. Andrews – a university town that is rich in Scottish history (and where Prince William met Kate).

It was great fun and we are already looking forward to our next language course abroad!

Nina Lewna, 3IK


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Mit großem Interesse besuchten die Abschlussklassen der #vbshamerlingplatz und der #vbsschönborngasse die heutige Bildungsmesse. 24 Aussteller - Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Polizei und Bundesheer - boten interessante Einblicke in Chancen nach der Matura!

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💥 Wir haben tolle Neuigkeiten für euch: Der Ball der Vienna Business School is back!💥 Am 23. März gibt es wieder eine unvergessliche und legendäre Ballnacht im Wiener Rathaus! Alle Infos dazu findet ihr auch und wenn ihr beim FB Event auf Zusagen klickst, könnt ihr auch gleich Tickets für den coolsten Schulball Wiens gewinnen! #myviennabusinessschool #vbs #schulball #wien #rathaus #legendary