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hakeuropa Mar 2023

3EAK and 3EBK students travel to Ireland

First language trip after pandemic

Travelling to Ireland is an unbeatable way to perfect your English skills through immersion. Not only are the Irish known for their friendliness, but their unique accent and rich history and culture make it an ideal destination to learn and explore. Speaking with host families and locals was a great way to practice and learn every day. The trip was not only limited to language skills, but included breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

The group travelled from Vienna to Dublin and stayed at the Sleepzone hostel in Galway for two days before heading to Glendalough. There they visited two ancient castles and hiked in the valley of the two lakes. The real highlight of the trip was Dublin where they explored various sights, including Trinity College and the famous Temple Bar. Overall, thank you to Mr Schattner and Mr Schweda for organizing a wonderful language trip.

Further impressions:

“We had a lot of fun on the Ireland trip despite the heavy rain. It was really nice that the whole class could spend some time together.” (Nikolija, Oana, Maja)

“Ireland was very fascinating. We had the chance to get to know a different culture and lifestyle we have never seen before. Even though the weather never played along, we are all glad we were there because it was undoubtedly a unique experience.” (Armin, Benjamin, Sebastian)


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